Introducing the new hammer range from ROUGHNECK.

Incorporating the latest in vibration management engineering, the ROUGHNECK Gorilla V-Series provide maximum striking power whilst reducing vibration.

The unique V-Shock twin beam girder shaft acts as a damper, reducing shock and vibration transmission, further controlled by an air cushion grip. The reduced weight in the shaft transfers the centre of gravity towards the head, resulting in improved balance and reduced effort.

Manufactured from high carbon steel and packed full of unique features, our wide range is designed for the trade professional looking for ultimate strength and performance.


Roughneck V-Series and Fibreglass handle ranges are packed with advanced features designed to offer added functionality and convenience.

Allowing one handed starting and improved reach, the magnetic nail holder helps keep the nail in place during the first strike to avoid the need to hold the nail with your other hand. Ideal for working above your head or in hard to reach places.

Our Mini-Claw on all nail hammers allows easier digging out of nails sunken below the surface of the wood. It also allows better grip on tacks and small nails used to temporarily fasten battens.

Our framing hammer includes the additional feature of a 2" timber claw, allowing for the manipulation and positioning of constructional timber.

45° chamfered striking edges on our club hammers, prevent chipping and damage to striking surfaces.

Hammer Types

Hammers have a wide variety of uses and finding the right tool for the job can save time and effort.

There’s more to a hammer than simply a piece of metal on the end of a piece of wood, modern hammers are manufactured using materials and forms designed to reduce the shock of impact.

Selecting the right hammer will depend on the task in hand and the material that you want to hit. ROUGHNECK hammers have a number of additional features built in, such as nail pullers and timber claws reducing the need to reach for multiple tools and a number of different types to suit various applications.

Head Types

The general-purpose shape makes claw hammers one of the most popular styles on the market. The curved shape of the claw can be used to lift floorboards or lever other items and features a specially designed v-shaped notch for pulling nails.

ROUGHNECK V-series Framing Hammers include the additional feature of a 2" timber claw, allowing for the manipulation and positioning of constructional timber. They feature a longer handle for offering a higher velocity strike, maximising the force in every blow.

Brick Hammers feature a chisel end to score bricks, blocks or stone in preparation for breaking, or for more delicate shaping. The rectangular head delivers a powerful strike to deliver a clean cut and is also used to tap bricks into place. ROUGHNECK V-series brick hammers also feature a side nail puller for the removal of nails.

Larger striking faces and heavier weights, club hammers and designed to deliver power. Ideal for use with chisels and bolsters or general demolition tasks. All ROUGHNECK club hammers feature 45° chamfered striking edges to prevent chipping and damage to striking surfaces.

Head Types Continued

Used to cut and shape stone and masonry, they can also be used for chasing out channels in brick, concrete or stone walls. Double ended scutch hammers allow either drove or comb scutches to be fitted at either end. Scutch combs are ideal for texturing surfaces in preparation for rendering.

Slaters hammer feature sharp pointed tip for punching nail holes into slate and a rectangular striking head for tile fixing. ROUGHNECK slater’s hammers also feature an integrated nail puller to reduce the number of tools required when working at height. All ROUGHNECK hammers feature a lanyard hole to ensure tools can be safety secured.

Ball Pein hammers are traditionally an engineer’s tool and used for shaping metal, rounding edges of pins, fasteners and rivets. The flat side is ideal for striking hardened tools such as cold chisels, ROUGHNECK ball pein hammers have chamfered striking edges prevent chipping and damage to striking surfaces.

Whilst used for cutting rather than driving, an axe does have characteristics in common with a hammer. Balance and comfort are important factors in their use, that’s’ why the ROUGHNECK V-series includes a lightweight, 0.6kg/1¼lbs, axe. Offering the same benefit of increased striking power and reduced vibration thanks to the unique V-Shock twin beam girder.


Superior to traditional wooden handles, ROUGHNECK hammers are designed with strength and durability in mind.

Whilst wood can shrink, expand or rot in humid or damp conditions, ROUGHNECK V-Series ensures maximum strength and safety through one-piece, drop forged, hardened and tempered steel construction.

Our fibreglass range has a solid fibre glass core which extends the length of the hammer to provide strength and flexibility and is permanently fixed to the head with epoxy resin.