New Fast Cutting Pruning Saws


April 14, 2021

A robust pruning saw that provides a fast, clean cut is essential for professional landscapers and arboriculturalists. Our new Roughneck Gorilla Fast Cut Pruning Saws are packed full of advanced features to get the job done faster and with minimal fuss.

Featuring triple ground teeth that cut on both the pull and push stroke for superior cutting performance, and impulse hardened for an extended working life. The PTFE blade coating not only reduces friction for a smoother cutting action it also assists in preventing the build-up of sap and other residue.

Built upon a chrome plated steel chassis to ensure the strength and durability for everyday professional use, and a non-slip rubber handle to provide a secure and comfortable grip even in wet conditions.

Available in both fixed and folding blade formats, and supplied complete with a storage sheath that features an integrated belt loop for added convenience. Replacement blades are available.

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