Nothing else quite measures up


April 12, 2021

Expanding our tape range, our new Roughneck long fibreglass tapes are arguably the most advanced, ergonomically designed long tapes available. These next generation fibreglass tapes offer outstanding toughness, speed of use and innovative features to get the job done.

The unique, ergonomic one hand grip on our closed frame tape vastly improves handling and comfort. Whilst the innovative handle drive release mechanism disengages the winding handle from the spool when drawing tape, preventing handle spin.

Quality geared mechanism with 3:1 retrieve ratio ensures a fast and smooth blade retraction. Turning up to 1.3m in just 1 rotation, reducing time and effort.

Featuring double injected ABS housing with tough TPR casing to provide outstanding protection and durability they stand up to the toughest of sites. Double-sided fibreglass blades ensure Class II accuracy whilst maintaining flexibility. With the additional benefit of Blade Guard providing an invisible layer of protection where it's needed most, preventing wear and tear as the blade is retracted into the housing.

Easy grip closed case fibreglass tape

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