> Where can I buy Roughneck products?

Roughneck tools are available through numerous national and local retailers across the UK, Ireland and the rest of the world. If you need help finding your nearest store, get in touch using our contact us form or call our customer service team on 0333 999 9851. You can also order Roughneck products through stockists online.

> How do I become a Roughneck stockist?

For more information contact us via the online form or call our customer service team on 0333 999 9851 who will be happy to assist.

> Which hammer or maul is best to use with the Wood Grenade?

For best results you can use 6lb/ 8lb Roughneck Sledge Hammers or Gorilla Sledge Hammers. Also you can use any of the Roughneck Splitting Mauls or the Gorilla Splitting Maul.


*Hit from the top not the side, don’t use with damp/hard wood.

Instruction Manual: 65-504- Wood Grenade - Instruction Manual

> Is the Demolition and Lifting Bar suitable for all pallets?

The Demolition and Lifting Bar is compatible with most UK standard pallets. Alternatively our Pallet Buster is suitable for all UK and Euro pallets.

> How do I achieve the correct mortar consistency for my Roughneck Mortar Gun?

We recommend using Soft Building Sand in your mix. The best way to test that you are using the correct sand, is to rub the palm of your hand with the sand, if it stains your palm orange then you have soft building sand. Please note that sharp building sand must be never used.

This should ideally be mixed, 3-4 parts sand to 1-part cement. Plasticiser should be used to bind the mix together to ensure a smooth, creamy texture.

Always use the orange, straight or angled nozzles, to dispense your mortar mix.

Instruction manuals:

32-100- Mortar Gun- Instruction Manual

32-150- Ultimate Mortar Gun- Instruction Manual

For more information watch our video

Preparing mortar mix for Roughneck Mortar Guns

> I'm using my ultimate mortar gun as a sausage gun but it is blocking up the tube. What am I doing wrong?

The slit on the sausage has most likely been made too high along the tube, causing the contents to be released inside the tube. Always cut in the front rather than on the side. Ensure only a small incision is made so that mortar is directed through the nozzle.

Instruction manual:

32-150- Ultimate Mortar Gun- Instruction Manual

> How do I clean my foam gun?

There are various makes of cleaning cans available on the market. After using the gun ensure all the foam is released and use a PU Foam Gun Cleaner Cartridge according to the manufacturers instructions.

Instruction Manual:

32-310- Professional Foam Gun- Instruction Manual

32-320- Professional Deluxe Foam Gun- Instruction Manual

> Why is the blade on my laminate cutter blunt?

The laminate cutter has a clean cut blade which uses a guillotine action to make cuts. There is no need to sharpen the blade, to make a cut the board simply apply your body weight against the handle for a quick, clean, cut.

Instruction Manual: 36-010- Laminate Cutter- Instruction Manual

> Are replacement parts available for Roughneck products?

For replacement parts, please contact us using our online enquiry form. Include your postal address and a description of the part you need. Our customer service advisers will be in touch to help.