Get the edge! With new ROUGHNECK Micro Shovels


April 29, 2024

We are glad to introduce our latest innovations in our ROUGHNECK Micro Shovel range.

The ROUGHNECK Micro Shovels are not only renowned for being the original micro shovels but also for being the toughest on the market. Our ROUGHNECK Micro Shovels feature a super-thick 4mm-wall fibreglass composite shaft and a heavy-duty, hardened tempered-carbon steel blade. Although small in size, they’re big in strength. Toughness is further enhanced by the ROUGHNECK steel-reinforced ‘Power Ring’, ensuring strength at the handle-to-blade connection point. A solid polypropylene socket plug further enhances strength whilst also inhibiting debris accumulation within the socket well. This socket plug ensures that the mighty ROUCHNECK Micro Shovels are purpose-built for hard graft.

We are now launching further additions to our Micro Shovel range, adding enhanced functionality with advanced product features to this already best-selling range.

The ROUGHNECK Bulk Shovel features the same shortened handle length found across the ROUGHNECK Micro Shovel range. However, it boasts an enlarged square shovel head for shifting large amounts of loose material such as aggregates, topsoil, and sand. It truly comes into its own when shovelling materials from bulk bags.

The ROUGHNECK Micro Drainage Shovel excels in excavating narrow, deep trenches for installing drains, pipes and cable channels. It also is perfect for digging post holes. Its compact design suits tight access situations, especially during underpinning tasks.

Adding additional functionality to the best-selling square-headed micro shovel, the new ROUGHNECK GORILLA Sharp-Edge Micro Shovel features a sharp serrated cutting edge, which is ideal for slicing through roots as well as cutting open bags of cement and aggregate.

With reinforced strength and added functionality, the ROUGHNECK Micro Shovel range continues to lead the market, giving users the edge to tackle the toughest jobs with ease.