Established in L.A., California in 1976, ROUGHNECK® tools are synonymous with quality, durability, innovation and value. The trusted choice of the construction trade professional, ROUGHNECK® is the UK brand leader in wrecking and demolition bars, including our world famous ‘Gorilla Bars’, the original, best known and best quality bars you can buy.

Our Brands

Our toughest, most innovative tools yet, designed to help the trade professional work smarter, faster and safer.

Tough quality tools that set the standard for quality and durability. Designed for trade professionals who need to get the job done.


Our highly experienced product development team follow a meticulous process from prototype to production. An unrelenting focus on product innovation, fuelled by a comprehensive consumer-led research and development program. We work closely alongside trade professionals to identify ways to improve performance through advances in material, technology and design.


Our ever-expanding range of quality hand tools, stretches from Striking and Demolition tools, Building tools, Landscaping and Contractor tools, to Woodworking and Cutting tools, we cover it all. Tried, tested and trusted, our products are renowned for their toughness.


Product quality is at the heart of everything we do. Our commitment to quality starts with the factory and extends throughout our supply chain. ROUGHNECK® products are manufactured in accordance with relevant British and European standards.

We are committed to fair, ethical and sustainable working practices. As a proud SEDEX member we ensure that our operations are carried out in a way that protects human rights and safeguards workers, promoting social change. We actively pursue sustainable and responsible practises that protect the environment. Continuous auditing and improvement processes guarantee our high standards are maintained without compromise.


We care about the environment and are committed to removing all single-use plastic packaging e.g. blister packs, clam packs, plastic euro-hangers, etc. and replacing with eco-friendly alternatives. This includes reducing our use of plastic bags, removing them altogether wherever possible. Our aim is to lead the industry in adopting green packaging solutions that have a positive environmental impact.


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Get the edge! With new ROUGHNECK Micro Shovels

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New XT Pro Drop Forged Loppers and Hedge Shears

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